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“Six years ago, my wife Pat and I were recommended to Garry Cass by a family member in regards to the purchase of our family home. Since then, Garry and his assistant Josie have helped us through the legal process related to the private sale of our home and the private purchase of our recreational home. Even though the private sale and purchase was a new venture for us, Garry’s expertise and thoroughness allowed us to feel very confident about the process.

Garry and his staff have always been available to receive our calls and they provide information in a timely and friendly manner. Visits to Garry’s office are relaxing and not rushed. We recently just completed paperwork for the purchase of our new family home and we also spoke to Garry about preparing our Will.  Garry was able to provide us with a general overview of the process.

We feel reassured when Garry and his staff look after our legal matters for us.” ~ Paul Chiappetta, Client

“I met  Garry 10 years ago when my mother was ill and later passed. He was her lawyer and took care of her estate. He has now become my lawyer and resource on many things. From real estate, to taxes wills and financial advice, Garry is always there with a keen ear and always has a solution. Thank you Garry for always being there and knowing what advice to give.”  ~David St.louis

“I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge my thanks for your expert advice and council during the last forty years with business, estate and will planning. You have always been there for me, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. Your expertise was and is invaluable to me. Thanks for being my lawyer as well as a good friend.” ~ V. Zezel

“You went above and beyond for me and I really appreciate it. All of the extra work you did means a lot to me and is the reson I’m happy in my mould free condo! So thank you again and I look forward to working with you again soon.” ~ J. Williams

“Garry Cass has been my lawyer for over 25 years, since I bought my first house. Since then he has handled a number of real estate transactions for me, helped me incorporate my business and provided me with advice when I needed it. I rely on Garry to provide excellent, accurate and timely service, valuable advice, and solid referrals to other specialists when necessary. I know I can count on him and Josie in every case.” ~ C. de Gruchy

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