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All Home Insurance Policies are Not the Same

Home insurance policies cover losses, provide funds to repair damage and liability in case someone gets hurt on your property. Continue reading


Your home is a key part of your estate. Renovations can improve it, but only if the work is done well. Here are some tips to guide you through the process. Continue reading

Extensions on the Real Estate Closing Date

When bridging loans aren’t an option, buyers may need to ask for an extension on the closing date. Here’s what you can expect. Continue reading

Mortgage Pre-Approvals

Mortgage pre-approvals reflect what the Bank will lend the Buyer. How much they actually lend still depends on the property appraisal. Continue reading

Lawyers and Accountants are too expensive

Some people feel that lawyers are too expensive when the goal is to save the value of the estate. However, competent legal advice can help you avoid horror stories by helping you make the right decisions that lead to a fair and equitable estate plan. Continue reading

Practice Areas

Garry’s legal practice areas from estate planning to corporate law give you peace of mind. Get advice from a professional who understands your unique concerns. Continue reading

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