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Calculation of Estate Shrinkage

What is the cost of NOT planning your estate? Use this form to get a rough estimate of the costs your estate will incur when the time comes for a trustee to step in and establish what your estate is worth and how it will be distributed.  Click here for an example

This simple calculator makes 2 assumptions:

  • The deceased was either single or a widow/widower.
  • In the case of a widow/widower, at the time of their partner’s death, there was a tax-free rollover of assets to the survivor.
A. Income TaxValueTax
RRSP / RRIF$_________$_________
Non-registered capital assets$_________$_________
Unreported interest income$_________$_________
Unreported dividend income$_________$_________
B. Legal and Other Expenses
Funeral costs$_________$_________
Court Fees$_________$_________
Legal Fees$_________$_________
Real estate commission$_________$_________
Equity brokerage fees$_________$_________
Trustee compensation$_________$_________
TOTAL: A+B$_________$_________
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