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Estate Shrinkage Example

This is an example of what can happen to an estate when there has been no estate planning. 32% of the estate is lost to tax, costs and commissions. Continue reading

Calculation of Estate Shrinkage

The legal costs, taxes and other expenses can seriously eat away at an estate when there has been no estate planning. It is not unheard of for 1/3 of the value of the estate to be lost this way leaving your beneficiaries less rich than they could have been. Continue reading

Let Them Find Out About the Estate When I Die

You may be thinking, in regards to your estate, that planning may lead you to disclose information about your assets to people you don’t want to tell. You may be thinking, “Why should I tell them anything?” Some families have poor communications and it shows when someone decides to plan their estate. “Net worth is … Continue reading

The Trustee Job is Easy

The role of Estate Trustee is critical and can be complicated. It is not a task for someone who has no background or interest and it is not something you want to assign to someone simply to honour them or because they are a relative. Continue reading

Do These Estate Planning Horror Stories Really Happen?

If you think nothing serious can go wrong with your estate, here are 3 examples of how easily they can, if you neglect estate planning Continue reading

Lawyers and Accountants are too expensive

Some people feel that lawyers are too expensive when the goal is to save the value of the estate. However, competent legal advice can help you avoid horror stories by helping you make the right decisions that lead to a fair and equitable estate plan. Continue reading

Estate Planning is the Same as Making a Will

Estate planning includes more than your will. It should discuss power of attorney, even estate freezes. Continue reading

Practice Areas

Garry’s legal practice areas from estate planning to corporate law give you peace of mind. Get advice from a professional who understands your unique concerns. Continue reading

Estate Planning

Every death creates a storm of issues that are best solved before the crisis through sensible plans clearly detailed with the help of legal advice. Here are 13 common reasons people use to avoid estate planning, and the consequences. Continue reading

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