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I Hate Life Insurance

Life insurance premiums are usually less than what your beneficiaries realize in the event of a tragedy. These benefits are often able to offset estate shrinkage which itself may be up to 1/3 of the estate, paid in commissions, brokerage fees, and taxes. Continue reading

Let Them Find Out About the Estate When I Die

You may be thinking, in regards to your estate, that planning may lead you to disclose information about your assets to people you don’t want to tell. You may be thinking, “Why should I tell them anything?” Some families have poor communications and it shows when someone decides to plan their estate. “Net worth is … Continue reading

The Trustee Job is Easy

The role of Estate Trustee is critical and can be complicated. It is not a task for someone who has no background or interest and it is not something you want to assign to someone simply to honour them or because they are a relative. Continue reading

Do These Estate Planning Horror Stories Really Happen?

If you think nothing serious can go wrong with your estate, here are 3 examples of how easily they can, if you neglect estate planning Continue reading

Lawyers and Accountants are too expensive

Some people feel that lawyers are too expensive when the goal is to save the value of the estate. However, competent legal advice can help you avoid horror stories by helping you make the right decisions that lead to a fair and equitable estate plan. Continue reading

The Government will Sort Out My Estate

Some people don’t feel they need to do estate planning, assuming the government will wind up their estates for them. But will they do what you want? Continue reading

My Estate? That’s Simple

Some people feel that since they have a simple estate, no issues surround its dispersa; but you still want your intentions to be clear. Continue reading

My Accounts are Joint Anyway

In many cases, joint ownership of property can help avoid estate taxes, but there are repercussions and you should investigate your options and possible outcomes. Continue reading

I Have No Time to Do It Now

Estate planning shouldn’t wait for a crisis. Deal with it one step at a time. Step one: set aside some time to think about the issues and get organized. Continue reading

I Can Do It Myself

DIY and holographic wills are a great stop-gap measure if you need something in place fast because you are travelling or ill. However, they usually omit important decisions. Continue reading

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