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Garry writes for Advocate Daily. You can read his articles by following these links.

Power of attorney for personal care involves a range of decisions, some benign, others emotionally laden. Read Choosing a power of attorney for personal care difficult but necessary.

Cautionary tales about Do-it-Yourself wills. Read Do-it-yourself wills serve as a cautionary tale.

Your will is a statement of your last wishes and intentions for the disposition of your property. Read Your will – part II: the four parts of a will

Everyone who has assets that will have to be disposed of after death, needs a will.  Read Your will – part I: Intestacy

The phrase “I can always change my will later”  leaves the lingering doubt that instructions received may not reflect the best wishes of the client. Read Facing the finality of wills.

Sometimes you have no choice but to extend the date of a closing: Extensions on the Real Estate Closing Date

Confronting life altering situations with an eye to the legal consequences: When Law and Life Collide

Looking for the cloud around the silver lining of pre-approved mortgage financing: Tips on Securing a Mortgage Pre-approval

Getting a home inspection reduces the risk around your home purchase: The Weight of a Good Home Inspection/

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